Data Analytics Project

Mobil Market Dynamics : Global and Turkey Market Analysis

Mobile communication technologies have rapidly evolved into a thriving industry and become one of the world’s largest markets. In this context, the widespread use of mobile devices globally has created a competitive market, compelling companies to race to expand their shares. Simultaneously, the internal dynamics and market characteristics of each country have played a crucial role in shaping the market shares of mobile vendors.

In this project, we examined the differences between the global market shares of mobile vendors and those in Turkey, along with the underlying reasons for these differences. Initially, we sought to understand how mobile market shares were distributed worldwide. Subsequently, we shifted our focus to Turkey, analyzing the dynamics of mobile vendors’ market shares in this country.

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Quality Management Project

Quality Dimensions in Smartphones

When we look at the smartphone market, it’s evident that it stands as one of today’s most significant markets. Companies in this competitive field clearly adopt different strategies to stand out. They prioritize specific dimensions of quality to maximize the advantages of their phones while offering less importance to other dimensions for consumers. Consumers, in turn, consider these factors when making their purchasing decisions.

In this project, an attempt was made to determine the criteria Turkish smartphone users consider when purchasing phones, to define the quality dimensions they prioritize, and to understand which dimensions are of lesser importance to them. Through the conducted survey, a comparison between perceived important and less important dimensions was made to gain insights into users’ general preferences, preferred brands, and tendencies.


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